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Boston Baseball Field of Dreams LLC and the City of Malden have discussed building a minor-league quality stadium at the edge of Malden Center. This is a three-part series from The Malden Patch exploring the idea, its viability, details, and players involved. In Part one, the overall plan. Part two, a profile the prime mover of the plan, Alexander Bok. Part three, the potential roadblocks preventing the stadium's construction in Malden.

Developer Says He Looks Forward to Speaking with Residents

Developer Alexander Bok said Malden is the perfect place for a new minor league stadium in the Boston area.

By Chris Caesar

January 12, 2012

The developer of a proposed minor league baseball stadium near Malden Center said he was looking forward to the opportunity to meet with residents and officials during an unveiling of he and his group's proposal at Government Center tonight.

Attorney Alexander Bok, founder and president of Boston Baseball Field of Dreams, said he and his group sought to bring minor-league baseball to the Boston area for several years, but had been waiting to find a parcel like the 6.8 acre site – adjacent to multiple parking garages and an MBTA subway, bus and commuter rail station – to ensure the project's viability.

Tentative plans include the establishment of a year-round restaurant, a turf field useable for Malden High School games, as well as other events like summer concerts.

If the project is approved, the group would apply for a franchise in the Atlantic League, playing about 70 games a year.

Bok distanced the project from other struggling efforts in the state: recently, the Brockton-based Campanelli Stadium recently canceled it's 2012 season in order to get it's finances in order, while the Lynn-based Fraser Field hosts only amateur baseball after their minor league team folded in 2007.

He said those stadiums played in different leagues, requiring larger stadiums and about half the games per season. He points to stadiums in St. Paul and Long Island – both with successful Atlantic League teams in a popular major league market.

“We think Boston is an even better market than that,” he said. “A well-run independent team can do very well.”

“The Atlantic League has the newest stadiums and they've all done well,” he added. “It's a different level of baseball.”

Tonight's meeting will be held tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. in the council chambers at Government Center. 

Play Ball: Group Has Plans to Build Minor League Baseball Stadium in Malden

City officials, National Grid, and a group of private investors hold the key to a major change to Malden Center.

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Stadium Takes Next Step After MRA Designation

Representatives presented the project to the Malden Redevelopment Authority's Board of Directors Wednesday night, who granted 'preliminary developer' status.

  1. By Chris Caesar

Malden's "Field of Dreams" took another step ahead Wednesday night, when the Malden Redevelopment Authority designated them a "preliminary developer" of the 6.5-acre downtown National Grid site. 

The designation will allow developer Alex Bok and his group to begin further discussions with owners of the three abutting properties, which the group will need to acquire in order to proceed with the proposal. 

Bok also fielded some questions from members of the commission, including whether the group will work to allow high school football teams to play at the site. 

Bok told those in attendance that, while such an arrangement would be complicated given the dimensions of the field, his team was dedicated to trying to secure such an arrangement for the city. 

"The challenge is to meet regulations," he said. 

The stadium will also boast other evergreen features, including a restaurant, some retail space and a large green space to adorn the stadium's entrance.