“a hot dog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz.” Humphrey Bogart

There is nothing greater than baseball in Greater Boston.

We have a team we love.

We have a magnificent ballpark.

We have fans so unified that they have formed their own Nation.

Yet, we dream of more....

Baseball fans throughout Greater Boston and Malden are ardent, engaged and sophisticated.

As the seasons in New England change from football to basketball and hockey, fans longing for baseball increases.

The desire to see professional baseball throughout the area is always at a fever pitch, and with this in mind Boston Baseball Field of Dreams, LLC, now Malden Field of Dreams (MFOD) looks to bring family affordable Minor League Baseball to Malden, MA and throughout our greater Boston community.

Countdown to first pitch at Malden Park

(Approximate Date: April 15, 2019)