Stephen Wishoski

Q: As you know, the site on which you want to build this ballpark is a brownfield redevelopment site, how will you address that during and after construction. Who is responsible for funding the brownfield cleanup?   

Stephen Wishoski, Executive Director, MRA

A: Bennet Heart, Environmental Counsel, Noble & Wickersham

“From a brownfield redevelopment standpoint it’s a great use for a site.

The park will sit on top of the site, not excavated, and be integrated with the cap for the remediated site.

The site has monitoring locations and culverts and because the ballpark is open it is easier to get to existing and future monitoring points.”

“This is a lease proposal from National Grid and they are responsible for the environmental site issues and remediation. We are responsible for what’s up above.”

A:  Alex Bok, President MFOD