Mark Rosenshein, the architectural group:

The design team understands that there is concern regarding increased noise volumes from the stadium affecting the residential neighborhoods of Malden, including Edgemont to the project’s west and Bell Rock to the southeast of the project site. Edgemont, which is the closer of the two residential neighborhoods to the project site, is acoustically buffered from the property by Commercial Street, the elevated train lines and the municipal ball fields west of the train lines. The Bell Rock neighborhood is significantly further from the project site and is located across a significant buffer area of commercial and industrial properties.

The project team is confident that there will be no significant noise impact from the proposed project in either of these residential neighborhoods, based on the following factors:

1.The current ballpark design orients the seats facing south and east, placing the mass of the structure of the ballpark between the fans and the Edgemont neighborhood to the west. Thus, in addition to the previously noted existing acoustic buffers, the Edgemont neighborhood will be further buffered from fan noise by the mass of the structure itself, with the open side of the stands facing away from this residential area.

2.The Bell Rock neighborhood, while facing the open side of the stands, is sufficiently distant from the site such that significant noise from the ballpark will not carry across the commercial properties and roadways between the site and the Bell Rock neighborhood.

Please also note that the project team will engage and work with an acoustics/noise consultant.